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Welcome to Spatter Cure, your gateway to quality welding!

At Spatter Cure, we understand that the three most important aspects of welding are Quality of Welding, Strength of Weld Joint and Economising the Cost of Welding . A compromise in either of the three is detrimental both to the company and welder/ fabricator. Therefore at Spatter Cure, we provide a solution that takes care of the cost while enhancing the quality of welding. It is one solution - for the welded surface, for the weld joint, for the nozzle.

With Spatter Cure SC-07 , you dont need to take care of the spatters. The spatters do not stick on the surface and the nozzle. So, no post weld operations like grinding and chipping is required. The parent surface remains intact giving a smooth surface finish. Moreover, the fluxing properties give a much stronger joint that makes this compound for all strategic welding. This patented technology* is surely a boon to the industry.

* The technology has been granted patent by the Indian Patent Office.

Now enhance Welding Excellence with Reduced Expenditure! Use Spatter Cure SC-07- An Anti Spatter Compound cum Flux for Welding & Quality Fabrication