Our products are based on our own Patented technology.

There is no other product that can claim to be a combination of Anti Spatter and Welding Flux. No other anti spatter solution can claim to be taking care of other welding defects apart from working as Anti – Spatters.

Going for cheaper prototypes is dangerous for you! Look for SC-07 for the correct solution.

When a technology is developed, a lot goes into the R & D efforts. There is a combination of knowledge, hard work and immense understanding of the technology and the problem in hand that results granting of a Patent. However, over the years, there are many firms that have been manufacturing pirated and spurious products which they claim is same as Spatter Cure products at a cheaper rate! However, with a partial understanding of the concept and the manufacturing process, the result is a disaster. We have seen many clients coming to us with a knowledge of water based anti spatter solutions being unusable and not working. There are cases when manufacturers claim to provide a water based product which in reality is not. Hence any product other than SC-07 is not genuine in terms of the technology that they claim!