Thinning agent specifically formulated for our range of anti spatter. This helps to get your desired consistency for spraying or brushing. Add it only when needed.

This is a specially formulated thinning agent (not a thinner) that gives you the ability to get the desired consistency of our products. This gives you the freedom to go ahead with spraying instead of brushing. We do not recommend adding water (like other manufacturers claim).

Why we do not recommend adding water though our products are water based solutions?

We manufacture ready to use emulsion. To maintain the consistency (as the water content in the solution gets evaporated with time), we recommend adding SC-CA. Unlike other water based anti spatter manufacturer who recommends adding water, we do not encourage that practice.

When we say we manufacture water based solutions, the water here used is not tap water/ ground water. It is specially treated water devoid of any unwanted minerals. The problem of adding tap/ ground water is that there might be any unwanted minerals in tap/ ground water like Arsenic which when added can prove to be too dangerous for the health of the welders.

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