About Us

From the person who invented the technology and introduced the concept of using anti spatter in welding – to the group of welding quality enthusiasts, Spatter Cure as a firm has come a long way in the last 25 years.
The entire concept of anti spatter was introduced as a product by the founder of the firm Mr. M.M.Bandyopadhyay. A technocrat to the core, he is a decorated metallurgist with more than 5 decades of hands on experience in the industry. His impeccable knowledge led to the invention of anti spatter for a quality surface finish. He further went on to add the fluxing properties to qualify the invention as a one stop solution for weld defects. This got him the Patent awarded by the Govt. of India.
Mr. Bandyopadhyay had shown not just his impeccable knowledge and skills in developing a product but also proved how an able administration and management can successfully translate a technology from labs to the market. We as an organisation take pride in stating that in the 25 long years of our journey in the industry, we have a team which is working with us for more than 20 years!
Presently the team is managed by Ms. Sujata Sahay who is a seasoned marketing professional working on marketing of innovated products. A welding enthusiast, she combines her knowledge of welding technology with that of consumer behaviour to create and carry forward the ethos of Spatter Cure.
With a number of surface finish products already in the labs under testing, the team of Spatter Cure is all set to come up with new technologies in the coming days.