The more economical variant for smaller spatters. Primarily an anti spatter with lesser fluxing properties. But will not hamper the weld joint quality when applied on it.

EcoWeld SC-07 is a non toxic, non polluting, inorganic, water based anti spatter compound with lesser fluxing properties. This is based on our own Patented technology. A variant of its premium counterpart Spatter Cure SC-07, EcoWeld SC-07 is specifically used for those looking for smaller spatters and has thin sheet welding. If you want to do away with grinding and are looking for a smooth surface finish, if you are not into critical and heavy equipment manufacturing, then go for EcoWeld SC-07.

This is a formulation that works for a number of weld defects apart from Spatters. An economical way to get a solution for your welding issues. To know how it helps in eliminating various weld defects, connect with us.

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