How Spatter Cure SC-07 works?

Spatter Cure SC-07 is a wonder! This non-toxic, non-polluting, inorganic, water based anti spatter compound cum flux is available in the form of emulsion. A coating of a compound can withstand the temperature of hot spatters generated during welding and can serve as a protective measure for the spatters. Its heat resistance capacity can withstand upto 1200°C. how SC07 works

§ The coating of Spatter Cure SC-07 in the V -groove helps to remove this problem. In the weld pool, the coating acts as a flux. Thus when the arc is formed, this coating develops a film over the weld metal protecting it from the surrounding air that is by and large very active and hence the possibility of contact of the weld metal with oxygen and nitrogen of surrounding area is minimized. Thus, it helps to get a clean and dense weld with improved mechanical and metallurgical properties.

§ Apart from protecting the weld pool from the surrounding atmosphere the coating (here it acts as a flux) partly removes oxygen from the molten metal because of the presence of De-Oxidizers in the compound.

§ The oxides, being lighter than metals, formed by de-oxidation of the weld pool floats up and are removed along with the molten slag.

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The range of Spatter Cure products gives a dense and clean weld with no post weld operations like chipping and grinding. Just wipe off the spatters with a wire brush or even a cloth, and you will get a shining, clean surface with a visibly perfect weld joint. To know more about Spatter Cure Products, click here.
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