An introduction to Spatters

What are welding spatters? Why are they detrimental? How are they removed conventionally?


Spatters are small particles of the molten material which are dropped on the welding surface after being generated at or near the welding arc.  Spatter is caused by several factors. The prime factor being a disturbance in the molten weld pool during the transfer of wire into the weld.

• Problems Associated with Welding Spatter 

1. Spatter balls sticking to work pieces which then require cleaning.
2. Spatter burning workers clothing and skin.
3. Loss of material from the arc and weld.
4. Excessive clean up of spatter


• How are welding spatters removed conventionally? DSC07383

1. Grinding – Grinding is normally the only method that can be used to remove defects and deep scratches.
2. Chipping


The range of Spatter Cure products takes care of all these problems and gives a dense and clean weld with no post weld operations like chipping and grinding. Just wipe off the spatters with a wire brush or even a cloth, and you will get a shining, clean surface with a visibly perfect weld joint. To know more about Spatter Cure Products, click here.

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