About Us

Spatter Cure Enterprises was founded in 1996 in India SCE_Logo_Blue1with a vision to make quality and hassle free welding a reality. This venture was inspired by the prevailing condition of the welding industry due to welding defects especially spatter.

Cleaning of spatters as post welding treatment has always given a bad surface finish. Also, it hampers the strength of the welding joint. A solution that would ensure that spatters do not stick to the surface and at the same time give a strong weld joint thus became a necessity.

M.M. Bandyopadhyay

This challenge to achieve spatter free welding was then successfully taken up by Mr.M.M.Bandyopadhyay, an engineer with over 4 decades of experience.A spatter cure compound for use during the welding process was invented by him which was then also patented by the Govt. of India. Eventually, Spatter Cure Enterprises, became the only organisation manufacturing anti spatter compound cum flux in India under the brand name Spatter Cure SC-07.

Spatter Cure SC-07, soon became unanimous for spatter free quality welding. The determination to live upto the mission ‘Innovation & Service’ later made Mr.Bandyopadhyay author many more products under ‘spatter cure’ series for the advancement of engineering industry. All these products are highly acclaimed, accredited and endorsed by the industries all over India and beyond as well.

At Spatter Cure, we aim to make welding defects like spatters cleaning by chipping and grinding , blow holes and porosity forming a weak weld joint, a bygone thing.  That such detriments can be easily handled is well understood by our many clients from all over India and the world who have advocated the product over any other method to their benefit.

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