Environmental Aspects Related with Spatter Cure SC-07


The SPM Comparison

The complete elimination of the need to do chipping and grinding has its own environmental merits. It has a direct impact in maintaining the clean environment at the work place in any industry.

In these circumstances the use of SPATTER CURE SC-07 helps to avoid a precarious situation because of its anti spatter compound characteristic. It is advantageous since the absence of chipping and grinding operation improves the environment of the working place reducing the noise as well as dust pollution as shown under:-This has been noticed by a number of senior executives from different industries particularly the ISO-14000 organizations. It is imperative for them to maintain the work place clean and for that; they need to compromise on a number process/ products, which are not environment friendly.


*Solid Particulate Matter

As is evident, it reduces the SPM (Solid Particulate Matter) concentration in the working place from as high as 1200mg/Cu m to below 150mg/Cu.M; though the recommended level is 250mg/Cu m. To maintain the health standard in a workshop and to improve the environment at the working place, WHO has stipulated a minimum level for noise and air pollution (as shown above) beyond which it creates health hazards. Such norms have also been confirmed in the manual of ISO-14000.

The Aerosol Menace: Solved!


Aerosols are considered as one of the root cause for the many environmental hazards. Right from depletion of the much talked about ozone layer to causing health issues, aerosol has been subjected to much discussion. Especially the health problems that are caused due to aerosol sprays have led the authorities resort to policies that asks for a complete ban on their usage.

Under such circumstances, an anti-spatter solution that is  not an aerosol, yet gives a much superior result than even the prevailing anti spatter sprays, is a boon to the industry.  Spatter Cure SC-07 is an anti spatter solution cum flux which is non hazardous but a completely safe product to use in industry. This is the only product that addresses so many issues in one stroke. Do you need more?

A coating of a compound which can withstand the temperature of hot spatters generated during welding can serve as a protective measure for the spatters. Its heat resistance capacity can withstand upto 1200 °C.

The range of Spatter Cure products gives a dense and clean weld with no post weld operations like chipping and grinding. Just wipe off the spatters with a wire brush or even a cloth, and you will get a shining, clean surface with a visibly perfect weld joint. To know more about Spatter Cure Products, click here.

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