Application Procedure & Demo

The following is the procedure of application of the emulsion. A demo of the same is given below for visual understanding.
  • Shake the container before use
  • Make sure that the surface on which SPATTER CURE SC-07 is to be applied is free from oil, grease, fat etc.
  • With a brush, apply the coating of SPATTER CURE SC-07 on the surface which is to be welded. One layer of coating (approx. 0.20 mm thickness) is sufficient but in certain cases, where more heavy spatters are expected to be generated, two layers of coating (approx. 0.4 mm thickness) are recommended.
  • The place where arc is to be produced should also be coated.
  • The coating must be dry before welding operation is carried out.
  • After welding, use a separate dry brush and remove the coating along with the spatter particles from the welded product.
  • In case SPATTER CURE SC-07 gets thick, use only SC-CA to reach a level of its original fluidity (a density of 1.33 gm/cc) before welding.

This is a live demo of SPATTER CURE SC-07, an anti spatter compound cum flux. Note that the spatters do not stick to the surface.  It is the best non-toxic, non polluting, inorganic, water based anti spatter solution. This non-aerosol based emulsion also acts as a flux, thereby giving a stronger, healthier joint. For more information click here

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