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Anti spatter compound cum flux for welding

SPATTER CURE SC-07 is the only non-toxic, non-pollutant, water based, inorganic anti- spatter compound cum flux. Coating of this compound before welding (on the surface to be welded) has several advantages. Spatters do not stick to the surface, so no more chipping and grinding for smooth parent surface.Diffusion of non-metallic and gaseous inclusions are minimized removed providing a dense and clean weld joint.Spatters along with coating is easily removed either by hair brush or by washing. It is water based.

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Weldmate is another product offered by us. It is also an anti spatter compound specifically suited for coastal areas. But it has less fluxing properties.

Welding with anti spatter SPATTER CURE SC-08

Spatter Cure SC-08 is an anti metallic globular compound used for gas cutting. A coating of Spatter Cure SC-08 (on the corresponding reverse side of the job ) before gas cutting minimizes the adherences of the metallic globules, generated during gas cutting. These are easily removed with the help of a wire brush (without any chipping and grinding) for a clean edge making it suitable for further operation.


Welding after using Spatter Cure

A curing agent/thinner used to make the emulsion of Spatter Cure SC-07 as well as SC-08. It is optional and is used to clean the hairbrush used for application. Besides it is also used to maintain the density of the emulsion of SC-07 as and when required.

SPATTER CURE SC-07 Flash (Under Beta Testing)

Latest from our stable is Spatter Cure SC-07 Flash, a variant of Spatter Cure SC-07 which dries in a “flash” of a second. With ZERO drying time and the properties of Spatter Cure SC-07, this is sure to rule the industry.  Specially designed for the continuous production lines as in the auto component industry, Spatter Cure SC -07 Flash takes care of the spatters with the features of Spatter Cure SC -07 loaded into it. Moreover, its instant dry property dries the coating instantly. Available in an easy self applicator bottle, it is one of the most functional and handy anti spatter solution available.


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